Wanted To Fly ?!

Fly as Passenger on Tandem or Learn to Fly

Come and have Maximum Fun flying as passenger with a Internationally Certified Tandem Flight Instructor. You can also do a Introduction of Fully licensed Paragliding Course. You will feel secure and safe flying strapped into your own bucket seat passenger harness. Our Pilots are Internationally Certified Flight Instructors and experts in all types of Paragliding flying with and thousands of flying hours experience.

* Short Flight–Euro 95/125(~15min) * Long Flight–Euro 185(~30Min) * Cross Country Flight–Euro 400(~4 Hrs). (Photos/ Video incl.)

Flying Over Lakes District Garden Route - Cape Province South Africa

Flying Over Lakes District Garden Route – Cape Province South Africa

Tandem Passenger Flight and Paragliding Course Locations.

Tandem, Courses and tours are done around the most beautiful and scenic places, easiest and safest places to fly on the planet South Africa’s coast, Italy, Dolomite Mountains

* South Africa – Cape Town, Hermanus, Wilderness, Porterville, Other
* Italy – Dolomites Veneto/Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, Other
* Bali, Manilla, Other
* New Zealand – Queenstown/Wanaka, Other
* Exotic Islands, Other

Flying Over Lakes District Garden Route – Cape Province South Africa

Introduction – Paragliding Courses – Fly yourself !

You can also learn to fly through an Introduction Paragliding Course trough a registered Professional. During Introduction course you fly 3 low flights by yourself until you have the confidence and skill for 1 high flight. This course Include a High Tandem Flight.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Ground Handling (Adv.), Safety (SIV) and Acrobatic Training and Development.

As Instructor and specialist of paraglider control on ground handling, thermalling /cross country and acrobatics we teach you the best effective and safest techniques from day one and beyond your course or on tour with us. We also provide safety (SIV), Acrobatics, Cross Country and Towing with a longstanding safety record.

* SIV / Acrobatics Courses – Euro 600 (4 x 1000 meter flights under instruction)

SIV and Analytical Feedback

Paragliding Equipment.

We supply and use the best products, with the best warranty on the market. We teach on the latest high quality equipment to give you maximum, safety, performance, quality, durability, warranty and after sales and buy back service when you upgrade your equipment as your experience increase.