Introduction Courses

Starting by Flying little Bunny Hop Flights – Gradually Building Up

Introduction or Full Paragliding Course

Have you ever at a given moment wanted to fly (or seen someone wanting to fly), but unsure weather you can successfully launch on your Paraglider ?.
A Introduction course teaches you the basics and enable you to fly 4 flights by yourself. 3 low level flights and 1 high level flight under supervision and radio instruction. All you need to do is register with us and schedule to set aside 2-4 day for a introduction course.
The knowledge, training, developed skill give you the confidence and fun of flight to have stress free flying and enjoying beautiful planet earth and exotic places with your “aircraft in a bag”,
Paraglider your second best travel companion, sharing the sky like and with the birds.

Tandem, Gift Voucher, Paragliding Course Prices -Incl. Ph/Vid

* Introduction Tandem Flight ~ R 450-1,250 / Euro ~95-125 / ~$120-185
* Introduction Solo Paragliding Course ~ R 2,400 / ~Euro 340 / ~$ 400