SIV/ACRO Courses

As organizers of 2 SIV/ACRO courses and 2 paragliding events providing the highest quality of instruction and organizational skills.


Courses and Tandem all year round, however concentrated at the following dates
* 5 October – SIV -Cape Town
* October 2012 to Manilla – Paragliding Course
* 30 Nov tot 02 December 2012 to South Africa – Paragliding Course, SIV and Safari
* 15, 16 & 17 Maart 2013 South Africa РCape Town  - Paragliding Course, SIV and Safari
* June 2013 to Italy – Paragliding Course


Pitch (Pendulum) Control, Big Ears, Big Ears Landing, Butterfly Landing, Asymmetric and Accelerated Asymmetric Collapse, Frontal Collapse, Accelerated Front Collapse, B-Line Stall, Point of Spin, Spin, Point of Stall, Full Stall, Spiral, Asymmetric Spiral (Auto-rotation), Reserve Deployment.

ACRO (Introduction)

Spin with Full Stall Recovery, SAT, Wing-Overs, Deep Spiral, Rhythmic Spiral, Reversal, Dynamic Full Stall, Deep Stall on Brakes, Helicopter.

ACRO (Advanced)